The Clickers Community of Practice is a place for faculty members, instructors, staff, and administrators to learn about the use of clickers at Georgetown University. Members can explore the different ways to effectively integrate clickers in the classroom, read faculty experiences, and keep up-to-date on clicker related news and events.

What is a clicker?

Clickers also known as “student or classroom response systems” are wireless handheld devices which allow students to respond to questions posed by their instructor. Responses are then sent to a receiver which enables the instructor to collect and display all results immediately (visit the Getting Started video). Based on a growing body of research, clickers have been shown to promote interactive learning, collaboration and engaged student participation (visit Articles and Research).

Clickers at Georgetown

Georgetown University uses the i>clicker classroom response system as its campus-wide standard for its simple, easy-to-use, and pedagogically sound design. Since 2006, clicker use at Georgetown has steadily increased across a wide range of academic disciplines. While most heavily used in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, and physics, clicker use has increasingly grown in government, language, nursing, medical and business courses.