Digital Scrapbook

A blank WordPress site has been created for each of you on the Georgetown server. If you prefer to use another website building tool, please see me before you begin. You may adjust the design, title, and structure of your site in the Dashboard. For help with using WordPress, visit the EasyWP Guide or take the online tutorial through Lynda.

Your initial site will have a front page blog and one sample page. You should create additional pages or sections, such as these:

  1. Explorations – notes on your explorations of DC
  2. Course notes – notes on ideas you want to incorporate from our readings and discussions
  3. Examples – links to and notes on examples of good (or bad) models of projects like the one you want to create
  4. Representations – links to and notes on existing representations of your city
  5. Plans – notes on the audience, goals, and strategies for your project

1) Notes on at least three explorations of Washington DC, to be completed by October 22; choose from these options:

  • Take a walk in a neighborhood that you have not previously visited, document where you go and what you see, and write about your experience.
  • Ride the full route of a DC bus line (you may not use a GUTS bus route), at least one full round trip, document where you go and what you see, and write about your experience.
  • Play around with the interactive map of Georgetown’s engagement with DC, and write about what you notice and what the map does and does not accomplish.
  • Search for and test interactive maps, smartphone apps, and/or podcasts related to DC, and write about what you find and how these tools represent the city.
  • Write about a place that you think of as “quintessential DC.” What makes this site significant?

2) Links to and notes on several examples of projects that use the form or approach that you plan to use; along with notes on each individual example, write a few paragraphs identifying what these examples teach you about how to make a project of this kind work well

3) Links to and notes on existing representations of your city; include a discussion of what these examples teach you about the image of your city and what you might be able to add to the existing body of representations

4) Notes on your own project, answering the following questions:

  • Why did you choose to write about this city?
  • Who would read/watch/visit/use your project? How would they access it? What do they value? What qualities would help them get the most from your project?
  • Who else would care about your project, and what concerns would they have? For example, how might civic leaders view your project?
  • What form will you use? Why? What advantages and limitations does that form offer?
  • Based on your review of representations of your city and of multimedia projects of the kind you want to create, what do you want to contribute to the “conversation” about your city in literature, film, and other media?
  • What makes this city difficult to represent effectively?
  • How will you organize your project? How do you hope your audience will navigate through it?






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