December 17, 2015

Nandini’s Website on Mumbai

Hey guys,

Here is my  website on Mumbai: aamchi mumbai | the complete guide to what to see (and not see) in maximum city

Happy exploring!

December 16, 2015

Meghan’s Tumblr about Boston

Hi everyone!

Here is the link to my tumblr about Boston and the Citgo sign: 

Happy holidays!


December 15, 2015

Justin’s Interactive Map of Los Angeles

Hey everybody!

Here is a link to the “Map” section of my WP blog, where the links to my interactive maps are located:

Have a great holiday season and thanks for the great semester!



December 15, 2015

Abdurrahman’s Website on Newark

Hey all,

Here is the link to my website about Newark. If you guys run into any problems with logging in, fell free to comment.



December 15, 2015

Maddie’s Prezi about “Boston Strong”

Hi All,

Here’s a link to my Prezi about Boston. To start the Prezi, click the play button in the bottom left. Happy holidays!


December 15, 2015

Lauren’s Website on New Orleans Neighborhoods

Here’s my final website on New Orleans. Hope you all have great breaks! Enjoy.

(P.S. might not work on SaxaNet due to technical difficulties/issues with Weebly)

December 15, 2015

Sophie and Pendleton’s Instagram on Public Transportation in D.C.

Here is the link to our Instagram- hope you all enjoy!

December 9, 2015

Musical Map of London – Kristen Fedor Final Project

Hi everyone,

Here is my final project. Make sure to click the link at the end to see the map itself. Enjoy!

London is a historically rich global city, with music being integral to the city’s cultural formation as the icon it is. The following map charts the influence of 20 of the most notable songs about some aspect of London, from English and international artists alike. Together, these songs represent London’s complexity and form a collective memory of the city. They question how the city can simultaneously be a loving home for some and harsh for many. They explore how the place shapes the person and how we also influence the places where we live. The collection touches on both the opportunity and struggle that are characteristic of London life. With songs from 1937 to 2015, the map captures only a sliver of London’s history, yet hopefully, offers insight into its cultural landscape today.

Click the link below to begin:


November 19, 2015

Sherry’s article on The Wire

As promised, here’s the article that I co-authored (with my husband and stepson, no less!) about The Wire.


Also, a quick reminder that the Urban Studies film series continues this Sunday evening, with We Loved Each Other So Very Much, a film about division, conflict, but also connections in Beirut.

November 17, 2015

Citing Sources in Your Multimedia Project

In a conversation this afternoon, I suddenly realized that I’ve given you no guidance about citing the sources you use in your final projects. In general, the rules regarding plagiarism, as outlined in the University Honor Code, apply to these projects. Note that I am required to report you if I suspect you have copied anything from a source or not given credit to a source.  Here are some ideas about how to make sure you credit your sources, help your readers find their way to the materials you incorporate and that you learned from, and avoid plagiarism:

1) For any representation you incorporation into your project, provide a link to the website where you found it, so that you readers can find the original source.  I will accept a link to the source as sufficient documentation, assuming that the link works (and takes your reader directly to the source URL).  Be sure to check your links!
2) If you draw on ideas from a source but don’t incorporate the source itself, insert a link to the source on a key word or phrase from the part of your project where you use the idea.
3) If you quote directly from a source, clearly indicate that the words are not your own and identify the speaker and the source of the quote.
4) If any of your representations or ideas come from a source that is not online, create a bibliography in whatever standard documentation style you prefer.  Please submit your bibliography as a separate file, and send it to me as an attachment to an email when you finish your project.

If you’re unsure about how to cite anything in your final project, please ask me!