Learning Management Systems – Outline

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Topic Inspiration: E-Learning has become a central tool for life-long learning, workforce development, and as a replacement or supplement to traditional classroom academic learning.

Platforms to compare in the space:

  1. Duolingo – Freemium, mobile only language learning
  2. Coursera – Full academic and certificate oriented education platform / online “school”
  3. Lessonly – Workforce training platform

Underlying design: Learning Management Systems

Key Components:

  1. Hierarchy file management system – affordances and constraints of complex file hierarchies
  2. Gamification
  3. Testing and repitition

Topics of content motivate the design:

  1. Workforce training
    1. Shorter
    2. Targetted
    3. Certificate or skill authentication vs coursera – traditional oriented

Focus on the learning user interaction with core course content, leaving out the admin interaction, education management aspects.

The affordances of the underlying technologies are implemented in different cases for the topic design case

  1. Mobile language app vs a complex linear algebra course



  1. Class reading on interactive software design – always on and responsive
  2. Icon display
  3. Hierarchy affordances