features of new media

New media, to say is the new medium deal with cultural objects with the new network communication technologies. As Manovich said that: new media is focused on cultural and computing. New media now is an always changing concept today as the technology of networks, mobile portable is all evolving, new media is basically related to computing machines.

And with seeing the foot-mark of different concepts and principles for how new media developed over years, the main features of new media can coordinate with these concepts.


the digital realization of media form make sure that the content can be memorized as data, isolated the context from psychical form. being in this form allow data can be processed in a non liner way and can thus speed up.

Interactive design

Interactive design of software or application is making new media industry more convenience and attractive, the interface design makes the interactive software become possible. So as now on the internet, we can get more involved into some events with devices as interface of smart phone, computer, now interactive television. It is enhancing human ability for innovation or perception, memory, augmenting our mind with various forms like artificial intelligence. The interactive design in new media can be displayed in various aspects, including communication platform, explanation for texts, and user to user or user, user to computer interact in game playing, etc.

Combination and accumulative step

what we have now as a new media is paralleled from the content of traditional media like newspaper, books. It is the consequence of accumulation of archives cultural conventions. So the principle of modularity can be seeing here, the hypertext, graphics are being used here as the data form under control of digital software, to generate new form of media. The combination can go this way: as we are reading an article, it is the normal text form, but it has the hypertext that can direct user to another context, is we have new words that cannot understand, we touch or point the words, the dictionary can explain to us, even animation graphics are inserted in the text. that is the results of same data under different algorithm, which can originally done by human. But with the fast computing speed, the algorithm generate the new phenomena, like videos,:” transformation of quantity into quality.”