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Course Description
Why “Leading by Design”?

This course is for all students who want to participate as thought leaders in the design and implementation of technologies in any kind of social or organizational context, including public policy, application design, education, and business. To become thought leaders, we need to change our position from being merely consumers or users of technologies to participants with an ownership stake in how things are designed and implemented. This course provides the methods for this reorientation by learning the extensible design principles behind our technologies and learning how to understand technologies and media as interfaces to the technical-social systems that make them possible.

We will focus on interdisciplinary methods unified by the key concepts and approaches in systems theory (complexity, networks, modularity), design thinking, computational thinking, media theory, and recent cognitive science approaches to technology, artefacts, and interfaces. Students will learn the multi-layered extensible design principles behind everything from computation, digital media, and the Internet to the architecture of mobile devices, interactive real-time apps, and Cloud computing.

As a CCT Core Methods course, we will focus on building an integrative knowledge base from approaches and key concepts across multiple fields and sciences that draw from systems, complexity, and design thinking. By learning how questions, concepts, and research agendas are formed across several disciplines, students will learn how to develop new conceptual models and tools of analysis that are needed for the complex, multi-domain problems and questions that we investigate in CCT and anything that will emerge in the future.

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