Questions Related to Art & Semiotics

Research Questions

  1. For professionals who work on identify whether an art piece is fake or not, how do they use the concept of semiotics to make the justification? For example, each artist may own a particular prototype to represent their works. However, since sign and symbol are repeatable, how can an art appraiser identify the authenticity of an art piece?
  2. Each art piece may have a certain classification. For the art pieces with the same classification, they might share a particular meaningful pattern. What is the pattern of expressionism?
  3. The art pieces sharing the same classification must have some similarity. The similarity can be seen as a type of symbols containing in the art pieces. What factors can be counted as token symbols?
  4. An art piece can be a cultural encyclopedia. For example, The Last Supper tells a Bible story. It can be a cultural encyclopedia because it is realistic and directly reflects the content of the story. Can abstract art be a cultural encyclopedia, in this case?
  5. If Girl with a Pearl Earring is a signifier, what then is signified by this painting?

Interpretation Questions

  1. Is the digital reproduction of a painting a token of the original piece?
  2. Is there any specific difference between sign and symbol?
  3. If a whole piece of artwork is a dialogue, what factors are the letters composing it?