Paintings, Space and the arrangements of artworks

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Went to the exhibition of Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting on the second last day before it ended, my biggest impressions are the crowds of people visited, the well-organized arrangements of the artworks and the exhibition setting that helped convey the message of the exhibition in the desired way.

First, I think the setting of the exhibition is very suitable. The national gallery of art is a large art museum with beautiful and clean decoration. The museum itself provides a good atmosphere for this exhibition. It is with elegant and classic style, the main color of white outside the exhibition creates an impression of appreciation to the art, as well as the decoration of some green plants and marble pillars that help provide an interface. Settled in the west building of the national gallery, it contains European paintings and sculptures from the thirteens to the sixteens centuries, which correspond with Vermeer’s and the other painters’ time frames.

While I entered the exhibition, I observe how the other people appreciate the artworks, their behaviors, and actions, also the design and arrangments of the exhibition. There are different divisions and parts designed for the audience. There are different categories, such as the occupation of musicians, to the people of the world of men, from Vermeer’s painting to other painters like Gerard ter Borch, from love and friendship to certain object and settings like pendants, parrots, doorways. This design of the classifications of all these artworks created an interface of an organized and well-designed exhibition.

As for the decoration, the use of light colors like white, pink, mint creates a relaxing and soft atmosphere.


Last but not the least, it is interesting to see how people interact and behave in the art exhibition. It was crowded, and one painting usually filled with several people around it, sometimes even hard to look closely the painting itself, but the people who watch it. Everyone take out their cell phone or digital camera to capture the precious paintings, which is a phenomenon that widely occurred in today’s digital world.