Infinity Lines for Infinity Mirrors- CC//CG

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror exhibition was wonderful and totally worth the wait. The whole exhibition was about experiencing different versions of infinity via infinity rooms.

How this worked: Wait in a long line-> 2-3 people enter room at once-> Each group gets 20 seconds to experience each room.img_1355

From what I could tell, most of the people (including myself at some times) entered the room with their phone camera ready, spending most of their time taking pictures and not fully experiencing the exhibit. Therefore, the rooms were not the only interface in which one could experience the infinity mirrors. Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter also provided interfaces where the exhibit lived.  

These social media platforms would allow guests of the exhibit to share their own photos of the exhibit and provide their own caption. The guest are able to curate their own experience outside of the Hirshhorn. 
img_1356 img_1354

The posts are not limited to the social media platforms they are hosted on- the Hirshhorn’s landing page for the Kusama exhibit utilizes popular instagram and twitter photos taken by exhibit guests.




This was made possible through the use of the hashtag #infiniatekuasama

Utilizing social media and a hashtag allowed the Hirshhorn to promote the exhibit and guests to share the exhibit in their personalized way.

Group Project:

Rauschenberg & friends


Way more info on this google doc