Jun 09 2009

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

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Vintage thriller movie aside, what would Jane Jacobs have to say about the situation in Qatar? Focusing on the various components of the network such as links through trade, export and import cycles, and diversification and reinvestment in the city region, I aim to divulge some pros and cons about the state of Qatar today. Specifically, I want to examine the architecture of the city, as well as the underlying balance between social capital and reliance on natural resources, which has primed the nation for a profitable leap into the networked economy.

What does the region look like in terms of cities and agglomeration effects?

Doha, the capital city, holds over 400,000 people, with 80% of the nation’s population residing in the city or in surrounding suburbs (Wikipedia). Continue Reading »

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Jun 02 2009

Limited Time Offer!

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Patterns of socio-economic behavior repeat themselves, regardless of the “shocks” to networks that come through political upheaval or environmental hazards. These patterns become subsequently more and more difficult to break, whether they are positive or negative. Consequently, both formal and informal institutions with agendas for development need to be careful how they insert themselves into the fabric of the global environment now, especially because the effects may be – to borrow a phrase from Stride gum’s marketing slogan – “ridiculously long lasting.”

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