Jun 04 2009

Leaning on tacit technology

by at 3:00 pm

Technology is defined in relation to its purpose and its user. My dad, who works as a network and IT professional for two companies has always told me that when I have a computer problem it is most likely user error. This used to frustrate me because I would spend hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong only to find I had turned off something to make my computer and/or its program run right. These challenges led me to always place myself a step ahead of the technology that my school work or career was dependent upon for a final product.

The most important thing when dealing with a technology strategy is to take into account the resources you have and what it would take to implement that technology. Technology has advantages for those who use it. It can shorten distances and maintain connections where people lack the memory or ability because of time or space constraints.

The user/technology relationship

The user/technology relationship, By Gold Coast

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