Jun 09 2009

sand castles

by at 7:11 pm

I imagine that before even beginning a discussion of Qatari prospects, Jane Jacobs would first insist that the proper unit of analysis is not, in fact, Qatar as a whole, but rather its chief city, Doha/Ad-Dawha, even if the Qatari riyal remains pegged to the US dollar. Then, I think Jacobs would quote herself, and call Doha and its surrounding region a “cathedral in the desert”, because of its geographically unlikely rise. And, while it is true that there are economic opportunities for and in Doha and Qatar, Jacobs might remind us that these opportunities are leveraged against the oil-wealth which gives the Qatari ruling family its power. For this discussion, we should consider how Doha and Qatar fit the model for cities and economic agglomeration outlined by Jacobs, in order to think of the future of this city-region. Continue Reading »

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