Jun 01 2009

Restructuring for a Drought Network

by at 2:57 pm

This weekend, I spent a beautiful afternoon in the sun at a local pool. As I looked around at the mass of other people enjoying the same opportunity, I acknowledged how bodies of water connect people in communities and connect countries across the open seas. Yet for many developing countries, how isolating it must be during a drought or a particularly arid season in which crops fail and access to water is limited to the point of serious health risks. Through the lens of a development strategist, utilizing many of Douglass North’s principles, I propose the following plan to counteract some of the network interstices that could potentially reconnect such a community to a public good in times of crisis.

20-acre Chilean pool by fak3r

20-acre Chilean pool by fak3r

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May 28 2009

small is beautiful

by at 4:01 pm

I am thinking about communication networks across the continent of Africa. In order to conceptualize the actors, and therefore the structure of their relationships, I looked for a visual representation of the existing structure of these networks. I found that representation in an image that might be familiar to many of us, by now: the lights of the world, as seen by satellite, at night. I cropped out the continent from its global context, and then circled the clusters of lights that appear across its surface. Continue Reading »

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