Jun 12 2009

Triadic Relationship Between China, North and South Korea

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In my final project, I will take a look at a triadic relationship between China, North Korea and South Korea, and how each dyad relationship influences to the relationship with the third party.  I will use Simmel’s Triad Theory to measure the relationships of these three countries and how this theory fits in the reality.


According to the Simmelian Triad model, three actors who are connecting throughout a mutual friend tend to maintain stable relationships.  Within this triad relationship, if A and B, and A and C are connected to each other, the relationship between B and C tends to connect to each other with either a week tie or a strong tie.  For example, A is not a big fan of Obama and his friend B is.  Then, they can be friends without changing their minds.  However, both of their friends, C, is also a big fan of Obama, A tends to follow the way of his friends think on certain issues.


At the beginning of the paper, I will explain what the current situation of these countries is and how they are influencing each other.   With Simmel’s Triad Theory, I will specifically take a look at significant role of China who is the mutual friend of both, North and South Korea, and use the Triad theory to explain these relationships.  Here, I will also measure whether the theory suggests is true or not in this case.


I will also look back at their relationships from the past and see what China has whispering to North Korea, what North Korea wants from China, how differently China influences in North and South Korea, and if there are other types of triad relationships exist outside of this triad other than China, North Korea and South Korea.


In conclusion, I will predict how the future of this triad relationships looks like.  I will predict whether the relationships will be gone to the similar path they have been gone through or totally different way will come into their future.

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