Jun 09 2009

The improtance of educational enthusiasm in a country

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            Frankly, Quatar was merely one of oil-rich countries to me. Although several facts such as Doha Asian Olympic Game in 2006 and Georgetown SFS Quatar campus have stimulated my curiosity about the nation, I have always concluded swiftly that the Quatar’s prosperity is entirely due to oil. It is true that oil has played a decisive role for Quatar to transform its fishery economy to a wealthy international economy. However not all oil producing countries have achieved that prosperity.

           According to Jane Jacobs, generating market, creating jobs, spread of city work, technological innovation, and growing city capital are key process of development. To Quatar, oil has provided market and a certain amount of jobs to this small country. However the rest of process is not automatically accompanied by discovery of oil in Quatar. As the book ‘bottom billion’ discussed, easily earned wealth from oil tends to be centralized to higher class people of the society and the extremely unequal wealth distribution is the reason of corruption, instability, and violence.  

           Among many aspects of Qutar’s success, I think Jane Jacobs would assess the educational enthusiasm of the country as a key reason of prosperity because high level education means that the country will have affluent human capital which is pivotal element for technological innovation, knowledge industry, and stronger civic engagement. I was told that the country is providing compulsory education for low or free of tuition until high school and induced world class schools and institutions. With the blessed natural resources, the human capital supports the sequential, sustainable advance of Quatar.

            However I cannot easily find the geopolitical importance of the small state. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and there is Iran across the Persian Sea. Although the two neighbors are important in world politics, is it attractive enough to catch all the international business/financial/scholarly people?

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