Postmodern problem led by metamedia

From “0s” and “1s” to literal commands and till several years before, the graphic user interface revolutionized the use of computer. Basing on a symbolic system (human collective mind), computer and other electronic devices becomes better interaction medium for human to communicate with program. When looking at the two classic guidelines on graphic interface design, we can see that the user(human) always takes the initiative, which is coordinated with the computing thinking idea.

With the development of digital technology, the electronic devices we use every day like computers and smart phones are becoming more and more powerful metamedia, being able to present and transform other media more efficiently and with better quality.

Certainly, we are not stop on the graphic user interaction, more ways and higher level of senses hybridity of interaction based on human body and social collective mind are being developed and all these meta media are working more and more powerful? So is it possible for us to build up a sophisticated enough meta media system that interacts perfectly with human?

From my perspective, the idea of HCI and the technology development in the field of metamedia and HCI accelerates  the generation of “simulacrum” (Jean Baudrillard, 1988). Just as what has been done to human society by Disneyland, “it is no longer a question of a false representation of reality (ideology), but of concealing the fact that the real is no longer real ” To me, the HCI technology and the changing idea on computer makes this postmodern problem that is cited by Baudrillard in Simulacra and Simulations more ‘touchable’ and ‘reachable’. Remember what’s happening in The Matrix, when the computer is being able to generate a whole word and get people involved in it without being realized of getting involved in, how would people react to this world? What shall we(as real human) do when we don’t know whether we are communicate with a program or a real human mind?

Still remember how you feel the moment you leave Disneyland? Lost?Sense of alienation? In this way, it might be reasonable for me to speculate that even being conscious of getting trapped in Matrix, some of us might choose to stay in this data world. What has been true in the human society is that even without the fabulous VR technology, millions of people had gotten addicted to the traditional video games and just cannot get themselves out and back to the real world.


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