How iPhones interface

From my perspective, an artifact is forever interfacing other objects since it cannot leave any sociotechnical system. When human design, invent and purpose an artifact, it bears the expectation that it will be utilized by human, thus its function must embody any mean to interact and interface users. Consequently, I think iPhone has in its root become a part of a sociotechnical system because human design it to be the mobile device that you can browse the Internet, answer the phone and receive and send text messages. It is so closely related to mundane life that it ought at least become some medium to document the huge sociotechnical and sociocultural system that host us.

Furthermore, an iPhone receive input from copious aspects from our daily life; when it outputs, it also transports almost everything we can imagine that is around us. an iPhone is the node to many subsystems, and the liaison that connects different social groups together for its accordance of communication and expression. How iPhone has affected our life is obvious in the past few years when people have got addicted to social media and rely on it to complete many rituals and practices, such as dating. iPhones themselves has also become a symbol in the pop culture as a representation of your social class and ideology. Thus, iPhone is the incarnation of how technology and society interact.