Context, you would need, and respect it, you will

“Meaning is not a property that lays in the data or bit, it’s an event that happens at the same time as we pick up and decode the encrypted data or bits”.

It’s hard for people to really look at “communication”, as so many things are just taking for granted. “Too much information – we call our era the information age and complaint about information overload. As social beings, there are few moments in a day that don’t involve communication and interaction with others in language and other symbolic media” (Irvine, 2014). There are different kinds of mediums. From the basic ones that we started with — air. The sound wave and vibration were transmitted via air and being picked up by our ear.

Our eyes are another main receiver of information. Before language even exists, we communicate with body language and probably gestures.  Later, the written text became an important carrier of information.  We learned how to recognize words and extract the information that was encoded into the texts.

Now we have all kinds of digital mediums, videos, movies, musics. They could be coverted into various forms, Though we are still dealing with them with mainly our ears and eyes, the richness of the media and midiums provide more stimulation to our sensory organ than ever before. We tend to combine different layers of sense together to gain a bettter perception.

One thing that do touched me is the concept of “noise”. When we refered to a acoustic concept, noise clearly means the disharmony sound that interferes with the musical sound.  But it could be widened to all kinds of factors that would prevent us from getting the appropriate message. We have always been thinking that we have better medium and better technology so that we would have better capability in delivering information. The answer is yes and now, while the successful delivery in an “advanced medium” could have achieved a better result, we have to keep in mind that it also requires more external factors to support the technology.