Mediation in Digital Platforms

As McLuhan stated, the content in a particular media form distracted our attention from the materiality of transmission. Separating the materiality of transmission from the media function, however, provides a unique perspective to understand the impact of media. Understanding the possibility of doing a surgery in light of the technology that electricity provides, for example, brings insight into understanding modernism. Modernist critique is, in fact, embedded throughout Debray and McLuhan’s writings, in which they let us understand modern activities (like making a surgery, going to gym, etc. ) as cultural practices that are enabled through mediation technologies. The insight that they bring is so revolutionary, it can even be translated to critical theory. Consider the idea of “news,” and how they function, for example. The immediacy characteristic of the news form allows us to comprehend “news” as objective and neutral facts, even thought they are crafted combinations of text, image, and moving image, and chosen though a particular perspective, to serve a particular point of view.

Considering that the readings focused on media as a central factor in the expansion and structure of societies, an understanding of Web 2.0 is necessary. With Web 2.0, a completely new infrastructure of Internet has developed. Google, in particular, went beyond and provided us imagination: we have established a relationship with Google. Through our understanding of how Google works, we are able to ask for precise information by typing a couple of words into a box. In this transmission, for example, the media is our understanding of Google’s algorithm, transmitting our thoughts into a couple of keywords, and functions as a filter.

Therefore, post-digital media did not only simulate previous functions of mediums, (simulating the book function in the case of e-books, for example) but also the characteristics particular to them has led to the generation of unique medias. The hashtag, for example, despite being a derivation of text, is particular to social media platforms