Welcome to Prof. Martin Irvine’s seminar site

This is the site devoted to the seminar Media Theory and Digital Culture (Spring 2013) in the Communication, Culture, and Technology Program at Georgetown University.

The site is open for guest viewing and reading. Comments and questions can be sent to Professor Martin Irvine (irvinem@georgetown.edu).

The main Web syllabus page is here, and Martin Irvine’s Georgetown home page, with links to courses, lecture notes, and online content, is here.


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About Martin Irvine

Martin Irvine is a professor at Georgetown University and the Founding Director of Georgetown's graduate program in Communication, Culture & Technology. He is interested in a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, including media theory, semiotics, cognitive science approaches to language and symbolic culture, computation and the Internet/Web, philosophy and intellectual history, art theory, contemporary music, vintage guitars, and all things post-postmodern.

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