Final Research Project

Estefanía Tocado

Final Research Project Outline

Thesis: My thesis evolves around the question: What is more real to experience a virtual museum or to visit an institutional museum?  Therefore, I proposed that both spaces provide the visitor or the virtual user with a mediated reality in a hypermediated non-place (both the virtual and the physical museum).  None of them is more real than the other.  They are experienced in a different way.  I would use as case studies the Google Art Project and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Main Theoretical Framework: The concept of place and non-place by Marc Augé, the ideas of remediation, immediacy, and hypermediacy by Bolter and Grusin, and the theory of Simulacra and Simulation (hyperreal) by Baudrillard.

Secondary Theory:

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