Human body as a medium

For this week discussion i would like to elaborate on Peter Greenaway movie “The Pillow Book” in which to me set a very good example of hybridity and the use of human body as a medium for symbols. ” i am  certain that there are two things in life which are dependable the delights of the flesh and the delights of literature” Peter Greenaway

Basically, The Pillow Book movie is an appropriation from an ancient Japanese text which Peter Greenaway skillfully reshapes it into a powerful link between calligraphy, human flesh, poetry, and sexuality. Nigiko (the main character of the movie), uses each part of her body for the appropriated text, even writing on the ears and tongues and the words take on a kind of mystical and philosophical meaning.

“Blind eyes can not read”

Peter Greenaway inserts that Pillow Book movie is projecting the notion that if the body makes the text (art) then the best place for the text is back on the body. “the mind is influencing the arm and the arm is influencing the hand and the hand the pen and paper so its the body that make the text”. 

In short, i think now we are getting closer to an era in which the human body is becoming a paradigm that represents in itself the very image of our identities. Human body is becoming a powerful medium for showing our thoughts, feelings, sensations, likes and dislikes and finally as a symbolic vehicle.