Final Post: The Virtual Museum

How does the museum-sphere blend the physical environment with virtual environments via the use of emerging digital technologies?  What is the role of the material vs. the ephemeral in creating meaningful visitor experiences?  How have audience expectations changed and what effect does this have on museums’ methods of curating and delivering content?


Nina Simon
Emily Magnuson, “Virtual Museums,” Frieze Magazine Blog, 3.8.2011.
Discussion in Curator: The Museum Journal. [Overview of issues from a Smithsonian curator.]

André Malraux, “La Musée Imaginaire (The Imaginary Museum)”. 
Overview and excerpts. English translation unfortunately as “The Museum Without Walls”, a chapter in The Voices of Silence, 1951). Further implications of art and culture mediated through photography, and the assumption of a global “art encyclopedia” informing the modern concept of art and art history.