About this seminar

CCTP725: Remix and Dialogic Culture
Professor Martin Irvine
Communication, Culture & Technology Program
Georgetown University

For CCT/GU Students:

This course will be conducted as a seminar, and students will work together to make new discoveries about the seminar themes, which are always ongoing and developing in real time. The course syllabus exists only on the Web. Grading and evaluation will be based on weekly seminar essay in a shared discussion forum (this site), in-class seminar participation, and a final rich-media Web-based essay (instructions). See weekly essay instructions.

For Guests and Site Visitors

This is the site devoted to the seminar on Remix and Dialogic Culture (Spring 2014) in the Communication, Culture, and Technology Program at Georgetown University.

The site is open for guest viewing and reading. Comments and questions can be sent to Professor Martin Irvine (irvinem@georgetown.edu).

The main Web syllabus page is here, and Martin Irvine’s Georgetown home page, with links to courses, lecture notes, and online content, is here.