Intro to Computing Tutorial

Working through a self-paced tutorial on computing principles using the Python programming language

Begin working on this self-paced “hands-on” mini-course in Week 2, and we will bring what you’ve learbned into the discussion on Week 9 (on the main concepts in computation).

Plan to spend at least 2 hours per week, and go as far as you can by week 9.

  • Create an account on Code Academy:
    • Sign up for the self-paced tutorial lessons on the Python programming language “track”:(
    • The tutorial will prompt you through the lessons. Go as far as you can this week.
    • These lessons will guide you through basic computing concepts and also let you write some basic code and see the results when it runs.
    • Python is now the most widely used “teaching language” in introductory computer science courses. The concepts learned about programming methods here are extensible to most other computing contexts (including Web interactive content and mobile apps).
  • And if you have time and interest, you can follow up with the Web Fundamentals “track”:
    (other tracks:

For background on concepts:

  • David Evans, Introduction to Computing: Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines. Oct. 2011 edition. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Creative Commons Open Access:

    Read chapters 1-3 (Computing, Language, Programming); others as reference and as your time and interest allow at this point. You can always return to other chapters for reference and self-study.
    [This is a terrific book based on Evans’ Intro Computer Science courses at the University of Virginia. The book is open access, and the website has updates and downloads.]