Fordyce, Week 5

It was interesting looking at the XLE-Web site, to better understand how to parsing sentences works.

I typed in: “Hello all, I am Alie and I am learning about a new system.” to the program. XLE-Web provided the following solution when parsing my sentence: (F-Structure was cut-off at the bottom):

This introduces a new system of linguistics, complicating what we understand language to be. Wikipedia helped to begin to understand the syntax of parsing, but it is an extremely intricate and complex field. Natural language acquisition (denoting natural language) bypassing the complications of language because at a young age we seamlessly catch on to the rules and mechanisms of our native tongue. Studying language is important because the concepts of the various branches of language are applied to many other fields (Irvine).



Martin Irvine, “Introduction to Linguistics and Symbolic Thought: Key Concepts” (intro essay).