In Organic We Trust (2013) challenges the American perception of what “organic” means. Kip and his team explore the ideas around agriculture while searching for “solutions to the nation’s agricultural problems.”  Through interviews with both issue experts and average people, In Organic We Trust touches on facts and perceptions of organic, local, and slow foods.

See the film trailer here.

Dupont market

— Image at Farm Fresh Farmer’s Market in Dupont Circle, “In Organic We Trust”


This website is dedicated to assessing the accuracy and clarity of the claims made in the documentary as a project for Food Politics, a graduate-level class through the CCT program at Georgetown University.  All images are from In Organic We Trust and are cited at the bottom of each page. All research is cited through hyperlinks.  Claims evaluated are under the “Home” navigation link at the top of this Home page, as well as in the sidebar.  Thank you for visiting!


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