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A Place at the Table addresses food assistance programs, especially the SNAP program (formerly known as the Food Stamp program). More information about SNAP can be found on the USDA’s website.



food stamp

Claim: Food stamp eligibility is based on total household income. To qualify, the income for a family of 3 cannot exceed $24,000 per year.

Fact: The USDA’s formula for SNAP eligibility in 2010 states that the gross income of a family of 3 cannot exceed $1984 a month ($23,808 for the year).


james mcgovern

Claim: “The average food stamp benefit is $3 a day.” -James McGovern, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts

Fact: Statistics from the USDA state that in 2010 the average monthly SNAP allowance per person was $133.79. Divided by a 3o day month, this averages into $4.46 per day.


1 out of 2Claim: “We’ve got 44 million Americans on the supplemental nutrition assistance program, what we used to call Food Stamps. One out of every two kids in the United States at some point in their childhood will be on food assistance.” -Bill Shore

Fact: In 2011, 44,709,000 Americans participated in SNAP programing. This was an increase from 40,302,000 individuals in 2010.

According to the USDA, “Most SNAP recipients were children or elderly. Nearly half (48 percent) were children and another 8 percent were age 60 or older. Working-age women represented 28 percent of the caseload, while working-age men represented 16 percent.”

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