Plant-based diet decreases death from cardiovascular diseases?

Claim: A plant-based decreased the number of cardiovascular diseases in Norwegians during World War II.

When the war started and the Germans occupied Norway, they took majority of the animals for the consumption of German troops. It was found that around this time the number of cardiovascular diseases decreased and only increased around the time the war was over.

The important thing to note is that this was during World War II.  There was an extremely low mortality rate at that time period. There were far greater deaths from other causes during that time. As grim as it may sound, people were being killed in mass numbers at the time and were dying of other reasons such as lack of food. Mortality for a particular disease can not be compared from a year with war to that with one without war.

Another, factor to note in this supposed decrease in the mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases is the actual numbers. Here is the graph that the documentary provides us with:

photo (1)

Let us take a look at the scale on the y –axis. It only ranges from 24 to 32. That is 24 deaths by cardiovascular diseases per 10,000 people. This means that the death rate only fell from 30 deaths per 10,000 people to 24 deaths per 10,000 people. That is only a decrease of 6 deaths per 10,000 people. That is not a significant decrease in the mortality rate. The scale simply makes the drop look greatly exaggerated.

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