Feel fuller with a plant-based diet

Claim: Our stomach fills up with a fewer number of calories when consuming plant-based foods as compared to animal-based foods.

According to the documentary our stomach have stretch and density receptors. When we eat 500 calories of plant-based foods our stomach fills up and triggers both receptors. This sends signals to the brain that tell us that we are now full. However, 500 calories of animal-based foods only fills the stomach half-way and tricks the receptors into thinking that we are not full.

The science behind this is true. The MayoClinic website talks about calorie dense foods. When we consume calorie dense foods we need to eat more for both the receptors in our stomach to be triggered and send the signal to the brain that the stomach is now full.

1. Plant-based diet, 2. Animal-based diet, 3. Oil
1. Plant-based diet, 2. Animal-based diet, 3. Oil

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