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Martin Irvine is a professor at Georgetown University and the Founding Director of Georgetown's graduate program in Communication, Culture & Technology. He is interested in a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, including media theory, semiotics, cognitive science approaches to language and symbolic culture, computation and the Internet/Web, philosophy and intellectual history, art theory, contemporary music, vintage guitars, and all things post-postmodern.

Online Learning Sources for AI/ML

Video Lessons and Good Background Sources for Learning AI/ML Technologies

Video Lessons

Code Emporium: Center for AI and CS Dojo

Welch Labs (Truly Excellent video tutorials on science, math, and AI)

Two Minute Papers Site (The Major Papers on AI/ML for Neural Nets Explained!)

OpenAI: A Leading Company in Neural Net ML

Home Page: | Blog (Tech Development Announcements)


About OpenAI’s GPT-3

Stanford Courses

CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

Detailed syllabus:

Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Course on Coursera