Ok Google

This was yet again an exciting week for me as we focused more on IPAs and that is what I have been mostly focusing on since coming to CCT* as I wanted to continue what I was learning and working on during my undergrad years studying and analyzing IPAs! From studying IPAs and Alexa coming out during my undergrad times, I can’t say that there wasn’t an uneasiness of some sort surrounding this topic. Having a device in the same room as you that can constantly hear you or record you and of course keeps track of info and data, can sound pretty scary especially as a new advancement. So I tended to stay away from having my own device (not including Siri in this – because I did use Siri beforehand) yet still found the concept extremely intriguing. For me, it is the closest thing that we have to a human-like-robot as part of our daily lives. When I moved to DC a family friend gave me a Google Home as a house warming gift so we could share our photos with each other as it displays them on the screen. Since it was a gift I kept it and gave it a try and have been using it since then which is why I decided to focus on Google Assistant for this post. 

Google Assistant comes in a mobile and smart home (Google Home) versions and was initially debuted in 2016. The assistant interacts through human voice and dialogue and provides results or executes commands based on the users verbal demands. 

*There is a research paper(s) that goes along with this, please feel free to reach out if you’re interested!