2016 Talent Forecast

2016 is already upon us. With the job market improving, what skills and abilities are employers seeking now? We mined our Labor Insights database to get a snapshot of the past year and, with help from job trends tools provided by Indeed.com, a job search website that posts millions of positions each year, we made our forecast for the year ahead.

2015 Career Snapshot
We probed the Labor Insights database from Dec 3, 2014 to Dec 4, 2015 looking for the top skills in two areas: baseline skills and technical skills. The query included over 35 million job postings. The top 15 baseline skills sought by employers were as follows:

skills snapshot 2015









At CCPE, we offer programs that support professionals in strengthening many of these baseline skills. In communications and writing, we offer programs in Social Media Management, Facilitation, and Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Management as well as individual courses in public speaking and writing.  CCPE also has a partnership with the Georgetown Writing Center to provide customized writing programs for agencies and corporations.  For problem-solving, planning, and project management, we offer programs in Organizational Consulting, Project Management, and Strategy and Performance Management.

The top technical skills included sales, marketing, and business development as well accounting, scheduling, and SQL.  To strengthen these technical skills sets, CCPE offers programs in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Forensic Accounting, and Project Management as well as individual courses in SQL and Python.

Future-proofing Your Career

Looking ahead, we found three trends from Indeed.com that we believe are strong indications of future opportunities.

First, take a look at the search results for jobs including the term “vision” in the job posting:

vision 2









The term “vision” is used here as a proxy for leadership skills. As organizations respond to a rapidly changing marketplace, there is a great need for leaders with a clear vision.

Visioning is a skill and mindset we teach in our Leadership Coaching program and Transformational Leadership program.

Second, we searched the term “data scientist” and here were the results:

data scientist 2








Again, there’s a clear trend.  The need for data-savvy and data-confident professionals is growing and we’ve seen this in action with the strong demand for our Data Science certificate program.

Finally, we searched the term “health coach”:

health coach 2








Yet another clear trend emerges.  Health coaches are becoming more valuable, especially to health insurance companies and hospitals because they are trying to serve a more diverse and aging U.S. population while at the same time attempting to manage costs.

Regardless of your industry or profession, the value and return on investment of learning and development continues to grow as technology, competition, and skills gaps increase. We wish you the best in your professional advancement in 2016.

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