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  • Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

    May 5th, 2011, 4:10 pm

    In early April, six Georgetown seniors conducted a panel discussion with helpful tips on how to make the most of your summer internship. Here are some of their best suggestions:

    On how to dress

    1. Always dress nicer than you think you need to.
    2. Observe some of the junior professionals at your office for clues on how you should dress.
    3. Even if you are allowed to wear what you want, err on the conservative side.

    On projects and presentations

    1. Figure out ways to go above and beyond the call of duty with any small project they give you.
    2. Practice your presentation in front of as many people as possible before  you deliver it.
    3. Remember that you are responsible for everything in your presentation: any mistakes, knowing where every detail and every number comes from.
    4. Your projects will be a great way to impress important people who might not otherwise know you.

    On receiving feedback

    1. Be proactive about seeking feedback. It shows you want to improve.
    2. Ask junior co-workers for informal and honest feedback.
    3. If you are told to change something about your work or your work style, make sure you do.

    On social events

    1. Don’t be the drunk intern!
    2. Social events are great places to make personal connections.
    3. If you go out with co-workers, even if you are not at an office social event, remember that these are still people you work with.
    4. If you’re invited to go somewhere with co-workers, go, even if you are tired.
    5. Social events are a great way to get to know people from across your organization. The more people you know, the more people will miss you when you’re gone.

    On networking and mentors

    1. Seek out an informal mentor.
    2. Always be prepared. Always have five questions.
    3. Network with other interns. People like to see that you get along with others.
    4. Seek out Georgetown alumni.
    5. Be real, not fake.

    On preparing for your internship

    1. Reach out to people at the company so you know people before you start.
    2. Get your life together before starting (e.g. finding an apartment, knowing where your nearest grocery store is, etc.)
    3. Leave yourself a lot of time to get to work on your first day.

    On evaluating full-time offers

    1. Talk to different people you trust to get advice.
    2. Think about the culture and location. Being happy is more important than the money.
    3. Make a list of pros and cons, bus also consider how you feel about it emotionally.

    On general dos and don’ts

    1. Do always be the first one in and the last one out.
    2. Do ask a lot of questions, but don’t ask the same questions.
    3. Do get involved.
    4. Do know what your job would be like if you get an offer to return full-time.
    5. Do find a balance between being annoying and being proactive. Know when to approach people.