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  • Six Simple Suggestions for Winter Break

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    Take stock of where you are.

    Our career counselors have designed six brief activities to help you think about who you are, what’s important to you, and where you’re headed. Download a few activities from our Web site and consider talking through your answers with folks at home or discussing them during a counseling appointment next semester.

    Update your resume.

    Visit our Web site for resume tips and examples. Sign up for an account with Optimal Resume. Create resumes from templates and breeze through formatting issues using this interactive and Georgetown-customized website.

    Create or update your LinkedIn profile.

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about? Visit LinkedIn’s student guide to get started. While you’re on the site, join relevant groups (affiliated with Georgetown or an industry of interest) and search for companies to get the inside scoop on current trends, connections and job openings.

    Learn about different industries.

    Vault is a great resource for learning about industry trends. Click the “guides” button, then “industry guides” to browse downloadable guides from industries such as screenwriting, consulting, government, and fashion. Our Web site also has links to our favorite career Web sites, organized by industry.


    Search LinkedIn or the Alumni Career Network for relevant contacts. Don’t forget to talk with friends and family while you’re home for ideas or to learn about the work they are doing (visit our Informational Interviewing page for sample questions to ask).

    Participate in one of our Winter Break Tours. Georgetown alumni will be gathering in nine major cities over winter break to offer their insight and expertise on a variety of industries. Learn more and RSVP on our Web site.


    Know that regardless of where you are in your career development process, you’re allowed to take some time to rest during Winter Break.  Come visit us when you return to campus!

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