About the Center

The Virtual Center for the Study of Galician-Portuguese Lyric was created in 2012 by a Memorandum of Understanding between Georgetown University and The Johns Hopkins University. The website, maintained by Georgetown University, is the first of its kind dedicated to critical editions and research on all areas of Galician-Portuguese lyric.

The Center aims to promote study of Galician-Portuguese lyric by offering basic resources, posting research papers, and providing a forum for advanced scholarship.  It  welcomes critical editions, repertoires and data-bases.

Papers are welcome in any area of Galician-Portuguese studies relevant to the lyric, including codicology, paleography, linguistics, textual criticism, metrics and para-metrics, historical grammar, etymology, rhetoric, pragmatics, history, sexuality, law and custom, literary theory, art history, musicology, and the history of scholarship. Papers can be of any length, and may be written in English, Galician, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, French, or Italian. Style is free but should be consistent and in keeping with academic standards in the language used. Papers should have footnotes (not end-notes) and should include a list of works cited as well as an abstract in English. Appendices should follow the article and precede the works cited.

Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word format to the co-directors, Michael J. Ferreira and Rip Cohen. Review of papers submitted will be conducted by the co-directors, who may for that purpose seek outside advice. Revisions may be requested before posting.