New Podcast Discusses College and Catholicism

students interviewing Fr Greg Schenden in his office.

Mary Joy Kozak (left) and Kevin Jackson (right) interviewing Fr. Greg Schenden SJ for an upcoming episode of the Four Faiths podcast.

Kevin Jackson and Mary Joy Kozak are two seniors at Georgetown University with a passion for discussing their relationship with Catholicism. Their podcast releases an episode once a week on Wednesdays, and each centers around a different topic with a guest from the Georgetown community.

Entitled “Four Years of Faith: a Podcast on Catholicism in College,” (see below for links) episodes are around 24 minutes long and discuss topics such as praying and Mass.

When asked about the inception of the podcast, Jackson said, “We realized there are a lot of topics that are really relevant to college students when it comes to faith, and so we decided to go for it.”

The podcasts are not meant to be purely about religion, but about topics that specifically relate to college students and religion. In the first episode, for example, the show discussed how college students can find time in their busy schedules to pray, and how it can benefit them tremendously.

Reflecting on this idea, Kozak said, “We thought this would be a new outlet that people could potentially find interesting and engaging in their own faith lives.”

During the first few minutes of each show, the two talk briefly about what they have been doing for the past week and then introduce the topic. After this, the guest is introduced, and the conversation continues. For the first episode, Jackson and Kozak interviewed Tony Mazurkiewicz, the director at The John Main Center for Meditation and Inter-religious Dialogue. Mazurkiewicz discussed the importance of prayer in his own life, and how everyone should find time to pray for their own well-being.

While only a few episodes have been released so far, Jackson and Kozak hope to create more until their graduation. Discussing the podcast’s future after they graduate, Jackson said, “The hope would be that someone else might take this on in the future. Maybe we’ll get some younger students to take up the mantle after we’re gone.”

Kozak added on to Jackson’s response, saying, “These conversations and topics are particularly interesting to have because they’re tailored to college students. There are of course other podcasts on Catholicism, but there really aren’t as many ones by students geared towards other college students.”

Use the following links to access the podcast: (Itunes) (Spotify)

by Dustin Hartuv. Hartuv is a freshman at Georgetown and a staff writer for Campus Ministry.

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