Georgetown offers several courses relevant to Buddhist and Silk Road Studies. Among the relevant languages taught or available at Georgetown are Sanskrit, classical and modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Persian, and Arabic.

There are opportunities for graduate research degrees in the departments of Art History, History, and Theology and Religious Studies.

Among the relevant undergraduate courses offered are:

  • Introduction to Buddhism (TRS 167)
  • Buddhism in Tibet and the Himalayas (TRS 056)
  • Buddhism and Film (TRS 180)
  • Buddhism in America (TRS 063)
  • Buddhist Art (Arth 171)
  • Arts of Zen Buddhism (Arth 467)
  • Art of the Silk Routes (Arth 275)
  • Buddhism and Modernity (TRS 608)
  • Buddhism and Science (TRS 242)
  • Buddhism and Christianity in a Secular World (TRS 361)
  • Buddhist Ethics and Social Action (TRS 143)
  • Buddhist and Daoist Non-Dualism (TRS 369)
  • Nirvana and Beyond (TRS 362)
  • Advanced Readings in Buddhist Literature (TRS 358)
  • Buddhist Perspectives on Death and Dying (TRS 360)
  • Central Eurasia (Hist 108)
  • Central Eurasia in World History (Hist 627)
  • The Silk Road (Hist 321)
  • Divination and Oracles in Asian Traditions (TRS 235)