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I’m fortunate in that I have a large class (46) eager students that like to learn new technologies. It will be fun to do some of these new projects with them. I started off trying to get them into Google+. This proved more of a challenge than I had originally thought. My first step was to create a circle named OPIM 257. Since Google+ is in Beta now, they are restricting who can join; however I can individually invite people to join. Some of the students had an MSB gmail account, but not a separate gmail account, and we rapidly found out that you need to have a separate one. Some of the students were already on Google+ and it was very easy to add them in. Others still have not yet been added, but we are getting a lot closer. I realized that everyone would have to have all the class in their own circles as well for this to work, so everyone needed to have everyone else’s gmail information. The way I gave my contact information to the students was as follows:

1) Go to gear at right top of Google+ screen.
2) Click “Google+ Settings”.
3) Select “Data Liberation”.
4) Save your contact information for all your contacts to a zip file on your hard drive.
5) Extract the files. You will see a vcf file for each of your circles.
6) Send the circle for the class to the rest of your students.

Here are a couple of ways that students were able to open up the vcf file and add the contacts:

Student 1: First let me preface, I’m working on a Mac.

1. I clicked the vcf attachment and it was saved in “my downloads”
2. In Google+, I clicked my name on the top right
3. On the left under the Google Logo, I clicked “Find People” in red
4. I clicked “upload address book and chose the vcf file in the downloads folder of my computer
5. All contacts were added.

Then, I think you have to drag everyone into a circle. There was no easy way to do this other than to click shift and click everyone so you could drag everyone at once.

Student 2:
1) Go to the “Circles” icon on the top of the Google+ page
2) Go to “Find People”
3) Choose “Upload Address Book”
4) Select the OPIM 257.vcf
5) Drag those contacts into a circle

Some of the students immediately got into it, “hanging out” together, via the “Hangout” function and posted all kinds of items. It made me excited about the possibilities of the new tecnology.

I also tried to send out a “pretest” form using a Google Docs link. I didn’t realize a couple of things, so this did not go as planned. For one, I thought it would automatically go out as a form the students could fill out. Instead it went out as a spreadsheet. Today, I’ll try to figure out how to send out a link that will direct them to the form. Also, some of the students were not yet on Google+, so they couldn’t even see the link. Live and learn.

About Betsy Sigman

Betsy Page Sigman holds the title of Distinguished Teaching Professor at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. Other academic institutions she has taught at include George Mason University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked at a number of marketing and survey research and public opinion organizations, including the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (UNC-Chapel Hill) and the Social Science Data Center (now Roper Center, Univ. of Conn.) At the marketing research firm, Decision/Making/Information (now Wirthlin Worldwide), she served as a Senior Project Director. At the U.S. Bureau of the Census, she was a statistician in the Center for Survey Methods Research and held the post of Special Assistant to the Director for Field Operations. Professor Sigman has received the Sustained Superior Performance Award from the U.S. Census Bureau and has been included in the Who’s Who in the South and Southeast, Who's Who in Education, and Who's Who Among Women. Her affiliations with professional organizations have included INFORMS, the Decision Sciences Institute, the Washington Association for Public Opinion Research, the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and Women in Technology International. At Georgetown University, she has served on the Admissions Committee, the Computer Services Advisory Committee, and the Information Technology Advisory Committee. Recently she chaired the Data Warehouse Working Group for Georgetown University. She helped develop Georgetown’s new major, Operations and Information Management (OPIM) and acts as the departmental coordinator and advisor for OPIM undergraduates. Additionally, Dr. Sigman is a faculty associate for the Center for Business and Public Policy and the Capital Markets Research Center. She has spoken at meetings and/or consulted for a number of organizations, including the Center for International Health at the George Washington University Medical Center and the American Chemical Council. In 2007, she won the Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business Joseph F. LeMoine Award for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence. In 2008, she was the faculty member selected for honorary membership in Beta Gamma Sigma. And in 2009, she won the Dean’s Distinguished Service Award.
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