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A gift from a Booklab author

July 21st, 2010

Peter has participated in faculty book and article publishing groups since last fall, and he bought this absolutely charming origami box of bookmarks on a recent trip to Warsaw.  I took four images so you can see how it looks like a plain cube, and then as you open it, things become progressively more amazing.  Each folded paper triangle is a corner bookmark that stays in the book very well; we could not shake it out.

Peter has such a sophisticated eye for art and for stylish small things as well.  His writing is — not surprisingly — quite visual.  This blog post is my thank- you note to him.

Peter Box 01Peter Box 02Peter Box 03Peter Box 04

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This will get blogged a lot

June 18th, 2010

An anonymous literary agent has started posting query fails.  The site is funny, and not particularly unkind.  I’ve seen variations on all of these, especially the submission of a “fiction novel.”  One author actually sat before me and said that he didn’t need a nonfiction book proposal, because anyone with a brain who discovered what his book was about would automatically know that it would out-sell any other book published its year.  Ah, hubris.  :-)

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