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A story about an author and Georgetown neighbor

November 29th, 2009

The neighborhood surrounding Georgetown University is a great place to live.  But people who don’t live here can sometimes unfairly categorize it as snobbish, when in fact it’s quite friendly and laid-back.  Neighbors are neighborly, people are kind to each other, and everybody is most certainly not rich.  There are some stars dotted among us lower-profile folks, however, and every now and then you see one.

Richard Rogers, who holds court at Greenworks, a shop on the corner of 35th and O, likes to keep track of what goes on.  He has been here for years, and I love him as a friend and a source of chatty information about who’s who.  From the day I moved in three years ago he has been wonderful.  He told me that Kitty Kelley lived near by and that he has seen and met her, but that they didn’t really know one another.  Well, goodness how that changed after she recently purchased something in his shop.  Here’s the story in Richard’s words:

“While she was there I told her how much I admired her work, and it would be an honor if she’d sign the 3 books I have of hers.  She said she’d the one who’d be honored.  Two days went by and I thought oh well…she’s lost interest or found something somewhere else.

“Two days later, she came back carrying a shopping bag … she said she had something for me, and placed the shopping back on the counter in front of the glass cooler doors.  She had wrapped every book of hers into one big bundle with a ribbon bow, and thanked ME for my kindness.  So now I have the complete Kitty Kelley collection signed, plus the 3 books signed and a new neighborhood friend.”

Happy Advent, y’all.