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Social media is EVERYTHING

June 23rd, 2014

For a long time I have been conflicted about social media, not sure how to use it, and cautious not to say too much in a public sphere. But after working with two LinkedIn consultants–first my great colleague and LinkedIn expert Dr. Anna Trester, and also an expert I found through a Forbes article, Wayne Breitbarth–I suddenly get it. Social media is not about broadcasting ourselves to the world, or if it is, then that is only a secondary benefit. Social media instead is about finding people with whom we want to associate. It’s a way to curate a busy and growing globe full of distractions and time-wasting relationships that drain us of energy, so that we can find the fruitful relationships that result in mutual good will and professional benefit. When I got it, a light bulb clicked on and I realized that not just blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but also special tools for academics such as Mendeley and Academia.edu are powerful. I’m reaching out eagerly and fearlessly (okay, maybe not fearlessly, but certainly with less trepidation) to use these new tools to make friends of academics around the globe. We live in a wonderful time for connecting, and although I’m perhaps a wee bit late to the party, I’m a stalwart now.

Carole Sarget academia-edu screen shot

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