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Dr. Lahra Smith, “Making Citizens in Africa” (Cambridge)

September 25th, 2013

What impact does expanded citizenship have on political and social life? In this book, Professor Lahra Smith focuses on the contestation over citizen creation through a study of citizenship expansion in contemporary Ethiopia. She develops the concept of meaningful citizenship as a way to move beyond legal and procedural definitions of the citizen.

In the talk Professor Smith will address an interesting set of questions surrounding citizenship rights for women. The 1995 federal constitution of Ethiopia includes sweeping provisions for Ethiopian citizens as members of ethnic communities. At the same time, the constitution includes dramatic protections for women, which were subsequently incorporated into a comprehensive revision of law in the Revised Family Code of 2000. How do these two documents and the principles they enshrine– rights for ethnic communities and rights for women– reconcile what will surely arise as conflicts?

Lahra Smith Cambridge book

Moderated by: Scott Taylor, Professor and Director, African Studies Program

 Books will be available for purchase.

 This event is cosponsored by the Mortara Center for International Studies and the African Studies Program.

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