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Update on the 60 Journal Days

January 7th, 2011

In 2009 we launched something called the 60 Days of Journal Writing, a series of posts documenting a scholar’s efforts to write and publish a journal article. The goal was to demonstrate the effectiveness of Dr. Wendy Belcher’s excellent workbook, Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks, and also to model how a scholar can produce better research in less time with a focused plan.

Instead of submitting it right away to her first-choice journal, she chose one that had a call-for-papers in the field.  If its editors had taken the article then fine, but she secretly hoped they would reject it along with excellent feedback so she could revise and then submit to her first choice.

That’s exactly what happened.  After the expected rejection, she revised carefully based on the excellent reader comments, and she sent the article off to her first-choice journal where (she learned just recently) it was accepted.

Total time from beginning of the project (September 2009) to acceptance at the journal (December 2010) was thirteen months, during which time she wrote and submitted a second article for which she now awaits a decision.  She is hard at work on article #3 on a new topic, and also on a book prospectus.

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