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Contributing to Foreign Policy magazine

June 24th, 2010

fp_logoWe don’t just talk about books in Booklab.  Articles are always on the table, both scholarly contributions to key academic journals, and also pieces written for the trade press.  Given Georgetown’s standing as a global university with campuses abroad and faculty from just about everywhere — not to mention the top-ranked School of Foreign Service — it makes sense that more Georgetown faculty would get comfortable writing for the media.

There’s just one problem with that scenario.  Freelance writing is a career unto itself, and it makes little sense for a scholar with expertise in international trade, development, or nation building to spend a significant portion of her or his time writing long articles for the popular press, especially when those publications can’t lead to tenure or promotion.

Enter the 300-word tidbit.  Faculty who become adept at writing up short, interesting ideas in 250-300 word chunks can find their ideas in fascinating places, including on public radio as commentary (NPR welcomes such submissions), and in places like Foreign Policy magazine.  A witty 300-word piece can be submitted to “In-box” at the front of the magazine; more weighty contributions in the 300-word range might be better for “Think Again,” a section that debunks conventional wisdom.  A third place for pieces, this time on technology, is in its “Net effect” section.

Submissions should be sent by e-mail.  To learn more visit their website to read the writers’ guidelines. Some of this information came from an article on mediabistro.com, and editorial guidelines may have changed, so stay in touch with the magazine for precise details.

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