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More thoughts about MLA 2009

January 29th, 2010

I promised to blog the MLA, and I will also blog future conferences.  The best part of MLA was visiting the university press booths and getting to know even more editors and publicity people as human beings rather than figures behind monolith names.  I loved that part, and I so look forward to going to another conference in a different discipline to meet still more editors this way (in addition to the on-site visits I already do).

I recognized a particular faculty member at MLA whose name I didn’t see on any of the panels.  She said yes, this was the first time she had the luxury of going when she wasn’t looking for a job, sitting on a hiring committee, giving a paper, or trying to get someone to do something for her.  Instead, it was all about professional development and networking sans agenda.  She seemed so happy!

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