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The Future of Music Summit, 2012

In November, I attended the Future of Music Summit, an annual conference that brings together musicians, policy makers, and technologists to discuss the issues influencing the creation and distribution of music.

TLT Event: Real-time Polling and Data Analysis with Clickers

On November 12th we held our final TLT event for the semester, “Real-time Polling and Data Analysis with Clickers.” Speaking at the event were Patrick Farace, a Senior Technology Specialist for i>clicker; as well as Matt Carnes, Assistant Professor of Government at Georgetown. Together, the two speakers covered a range of technological and pedagogical aspects of using clickers.

Engaging Diversity Through Art and Performance: The Doyle Film and Culture Series

In Spring 2012, the Doyle Engaging Difference Program presented a series of four critically acclaimed, diversity-focused films as part of the Doyle Film and Culture Series. The movies, which included both narrative and documentary films, tackled a wide range of issues related to intercultural engagement and the diversity of the human experience.

Student Learning Summit Recap

CNDLS Graduate Associate Leslie Cochrane shares a summary of the recent event “A Student Learning Summit: Toward an Integrated Georgetown Undergraduate Experience.”

Cyborg Theory: A Love Story

Michael Chorost’s recent talk on “Cyborg Theory and Practice” opened up a new conversation about the cyborg “reality” we live in today—a conversation about how the integration of technology into human life is changing the pace and form of human relationships.