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Recap from AAEEBL Southeast

Last week, a colleague and I attended the AAEEBL Southeast conference on ePortfolios. Scholars and teaching professionals from colleges across the east coast and beyond were in attendance, with many presenters and attendees representing the FIPSE-funded Connect to Learning project. I am currently working on some recommendations, inspired by the conference, for us to take on to provide richer support for ePortfolios.

ePortfolio Ideas: Assessment

Although our conversations about our ideal ePortfolio tool have been focused on the library piece, I’ve given the design of the assessment piece (piece #3) a first attempt at brainstorming.

Student Reflections on the ePortfolio Experience

When Professor Betsi Stephen asked if I would be interested in trying out a STIA ePortfolio, I thought it would be essentially the same as other work I’ve done online. After all, I’m an active blogger and post most of my academic work on my homepage. But in creating my ePortfolio I realized that an… Read more »