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Georgetown Digital Commons Podcast #2

Today Cheryl and I are proud to introduce the second Georgetown Digital Commons podcast! This episode focuses on MAENGL, a research blog community and forum where students in the Master’s Program in English can both keep up with one another’s research and post upcoming literary events and professional development opportunities. In this episode, Cheryl and… Read more »

Spring 2010 Numbers!

This spring semester proves to be as active as ever for faculty and students looking to implement GDC tools into their teaching and learning. So far, we have set up 67 course blogs and 114 portfolio blogs, and we are only three weeks into the semester! While you can always visit our “Get Ideas” page… Read more »

Announcing CampusPress

CampusPress is a suite of useful WordPress plugins for course blogs. Ever wanted to have a place where you can get the number of comments made by a user without having to search and count them one by one? How about having the option to easily print selections of posts from your course blog? CampusPress… Read more »

New help pages

We just updated our help page for blogs and wikis.  For more information on how to write pages and posts, upload media and manage content on your Digital Commons blog, visit our blog help section. You can also visit our wiki help page to find information on managing the content and members of your collaborative… Read more »

Georgetown Digital Commons Podcast #1

Today we’re introducing the first in what will hopefully be a monthly series of podcasts. In these sessions, we’ll talk to Georgetown faculty, staff, and students about their usage of Georgetown Digital Commons—and digital tools in general—and how it’s impacted their teaching and learning practices. The first episode is a conversation with Professors Michael Coventry… Read more »

Featured Faculty

We’re currently gathering narratives and insights on new media from a sampling of faculty members who have been using Georgetown Digital Commons tools in interesting ways.  These will eventually be presented in a printed collection of faculty profiles, but in the meantime, we thought we’d share with you a few of the many insights we’ve… Read more »

Fall Semester Numbers

These fall months mark the fifth semester we’ve offered WordPress blogs through the Georgetown Digital Commons.  Beginning modestly in fall 2007 with a dozen course blogs and 23 course blogs at the beginning of the following semester, we’ve already overseen the setup of 74 course blogs this semester– only four weeks in.  Other numbers for… Read more »

MAENGL’s beginnings

Graduate students working day and night on their research might agree that, once the collegial years of undergraduate studies are over, scholarship is anything but sociable. Apart from a pair of courses meeting once per week, students often find that there are relatively few established venues for gathering to share thoughts, research, and resources. And… Read more »

Research Blog Writing Strategies!

As we continue to develop the research blog format here at GDC, I think  we need to stop for a minute and consider how these blogs can be useful for students throughout the research and writing process. Despite Anna’s and Cheryl’s enthusiasm for MAENGL, the most common complaint that I have heard about research blogs… Read more »

Announcing the ‘Experiments’ Blog

We’re pleased to announce the Experiments blog, which showcases a variety of Web 2.0 tools and their potential for meaningful integration in a course.  Current entries include Google Earth, social bookmarking, data visualization, Yahoo! Pipes, and more.  In an effort to make the adoption of these tools as simple as possible, we’ve prepared videos and… Read more »