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Annotation, Social Reading, and Digital Technologies

In a recent essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Charlie Wesley describes the value of annotating texts and explains that many of his students don’t seem comfortable with the practice. Our MyDante Project allows students not only to annotate Dante’s text digitally, but also to read — and respond to — annotations made by their peers.

From the Archives: Resources on Incorporating Blogs & Twitter into Assignments

Deciding to incorporate blogs or Twitter into your course raises a number of questions that may seem daunting. How will you structure the assignment? How will you connect student work on Twitter or blogs to in-class discussions? As the professor, to what extent will you contribute to the blog or Twitter stream? How will you evaluate student work in these spaces – or will you grade it at all?

See you in Austin!

Anna, Matthias, Marie, and Justin are presenting at next week’s Educause Learning Initiative Annual Meeting! If you’re attending, catch them at the “Social Media ePortfolios” session on Tuesday morning, where the’ll present CNDLS’ strategy for building adaptive, reflective learning environments. They’ll also run a “sneak peak” demo of our latest project, Pegasus.

Our thoughts on the Kindle Fire

The much-awaited Kindle Fire has been available to the public for about a couple of months now. This is Amazon’s newest device and the company’s entry into the tablet market.

Going Mobile with Teaching and Learning

“The iPad finally has serious competition.” Sam Biddle of Gizmodo shared that observation in response to the release of the much-anticipated Kindle Fire, which Amazon started shipping last week. What’s truly amazing about the Fire is the price tag ($199), which is more than an indication of Amazon’s ability to compete—it signals that mobile technology is quickly approaching ubiquity, which will continue to rapidly change how we work, communicate, and learn.

ePortfolio Ideas: Assessment

Although our conversations about our ideal ePortfolio tool have been focused on the library piece, I’ve given the design of the assessment piece (piece #3) a first attempt at brainstorming.